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This infoicon template is meant for the upcoming tower development pages. Please do not make any edits unless necessary. Thank you.


Example Usage

All Icon Parameters

{{StudioIcon|Parameter name goes here}}

Note that all icons are 16px in size, with the exception of Properties, which is 32px. By default, it is still set to 16px by the template. However, an additional parameter can be added SPECIFICALLY to the property icon to increase the size.

PropertyIcon.png - Properties (scaled up)
PropertyIcon.png - Properties
PartIcon.png - Part
ModelIcon.png - Model
DecalIcon.png - Decal
TextLabelIcon.png - TextLabel
SoundIcon.png - Sound
ParticleEmitterIcon.png - ParticleEmitter
ValueIcon.png - Value
WeldIcon.png - Weld
AttachmentIcon.png - Attachment
CylindricalConstraintIcon.png - Cylindrical
PrismaticConstraintIcon.png - Prismatic
NoCollisionIcon.png - NoCollision
AlignPositionIcon.png - AlignPosition
AlignOrientationIcon.png - AlignOrientation
BodyMoverIcon.png - BodyMover
ScriptIcon.png - Script
LocalScriptIcon.png - LocalScript
FolderIcon.png - Folder