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The starting place for people who dare challenge Juke's Towers of Hell. It is for those who enjoy obbies and basically play them for a living. Most of the population of the game resides here due to how many noobs there are. Apparently there is an ominous tram somewhere in the main land.
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Ring 1 is the first Ring you can play in Juke's Towers of Hell, along with Emblem Zone1.png Zone 1. It is the first Ring in The Great Inferno. Overall, it is easier than the next Ring, Emblem Ring2.png Ring 2, but harder than Emblem Ring3.png Ring 3. Thanos Tower is the soul crushing Tower of this ring, which is ThanosIcon.png Thanos Difficulty. (However, the actual difficulty of Thanos Tower is InsaneIcon.png High-Peak Insane.) Ring 1 used to have the Citadel of Void that was NilIcon.png Nil Difficulty but the citadel was cancelled. Previously, Tower of Confusion was in this ring but was moved to Ring 3. Tower of Slight Unhappiness used to be in this Ring but was removed, revamped, and moved to Zone 1. Tower of Broken Bricks was supposed to be in the ring but a year later was released in Emblem Zone3.png Zone 3. This ring's first subrealm is Emblem ForgottenRidge.png Forgotten Ridge however it is planned to have a second subrealm in the future called Emblem Unknown.png Mount Rad. It is almost always home to event subrealms. In around 2018, the lobby was darker, and the portal rims were mid-dark gray.

Introduction To Ring 1

Ring 1 is filled with 12 towers, 1 mini tower, 1 citadel, and 1 Tower Rush. There is a tower from every non-Soul Crushing difficulty here, which will usually keep you coming back for return visits. Most of the game’s population resides here because of how many new players there are. It is unlocked from the start along with Emblem Zone1.png Zone 1.


This ring is in the air with a bunch of floating islands. As such, whenever you fall out of a tower, you will either land on the floating island of the tower or fall to your death. The lobby changes as the seasons and events come and go. The portal emblem of this ring is a cylinder.

From the Christmas Event 2018 onward, you can go outside the lobby without needing to use glitches.


An entire list of all the secrets as a video.

  • To find it, go to the credits room to the Community Shelf. Go on the shelf and walk over the Infinity Gauntlet. You will pick it up and it will follow you. Go into the Psychologically Unsafe Towers and walk over the dropper area where Citadel of Void's portal was once in. The portal to Thanos Tower will be in the room.

  • In the entry point for the credits area, if you turn left, you should be able to see a small ladder right next to the edge of the entry. Climb up that ladder and you will go inside of a secret room, with Fidjo20 sitting on a chair at a desk.
  • You can find a second Fidjo20 in the secret staff room. If you go around the platform that the helpers are standing on you will find a doorway leading to another Fidjo20 spying on the first one while wearing 3 pairs of glasses.

  • Look at the side of the main island and you will see the hidden runes for this ring. Currently, every ring and zone has one of them, except for Ring 3.

    "RING 1 LIMBO"

Practice Obby (?)
  • Go out of the lobby in the gate between Towers and Viewing Area; if you zoom out and look off the edge, you see a small ledge with a semi-transparent corner clip. Jump down to it and do the corner clip. You will then be in a room with the practice obby. Complete the obby and then you will be teleported to somewhere above the void. The teleporter used to teleport you to a bright reflective room with a sign that says "I like your face :D" on it. The room used to have a code that could be used in The Great Centurial's practice place.

    Practice obby (?)

  • In the viewing area, there is a small poster showing a noob falling down. This screenshot is taken from one of Micheal P's videos ( https://youtu.be/H-fWXSAO76Y ). This is most likely a joke to players falling down.

    The photo

  • If you go behind the cat therapy, you will find a sans head. If you go near the head with your camera, you can hear a distorted version of Megalovania. Before the Christmas Event 2018, it was near a tree. Once the event started, it was moved to where it is now.

    Beep beep.

  • In Tower of Impossible Expectations at the start of floor 6, If you go into the "Meme Room" and go onto the top of it, You will see a "noob" climbing up a truss. If you jump into the top cloud, You will get teleported to a room with It_Near, awesomecoolpop, MapleJavas, and Slamo sitting around a Campfire.
  • As of 5/23/2019, you can go into the Viewing Area and find another one of Juke's games, Perpetual Adventure. Touching the portal will teleport you to the respective game.

    The portal for Perpetual Adventure.

  • There is a picture of a dog hidden behind the sign in Cat Therapy.
  • In the cat therapy, you used to be able to walk into a transparent wall in the corner of the room and find a model of KonekoKitten.
  • On the Community Shelf, there is a "Tower Making Kit" with Norby and Narby Corp. on the bottom right of the box.
  • On the Halloween event a random morse code can be found outside the lobby translating to WAIT UNTIL THIS MESSAGE CHANGES.

The dog image behind the sign in Cat Therapy, with text saying "Fid was here"

  • There is a button on a tree in the viewing area, pressing it opens the hole in the floor, where you'll find the Ring 1 Tower Rush.

    The Tower Making Kit. Notice the "Norby and Narby Corp." on the bottom right.

Staff Team
  • In the credits room lies a picture of the Pensive face emoji. Jump towards it and you will be teleported to a room with everyone from the staff team, current and retired.

The picture to teleport to Jupiters helpers.

  • Within Ring 1 there is an odd-looking demon-like creature named the AutoMod, this is actually a model that was used by an old 'custom admin command' which VulpineDigital would sometimes have used back in the time of KToH, typically when he was being crowded by lots of people at once. Automod also holds a hammer that is an item given to high ranks in the community called the ban hammer. (doesn't ban, just kicks from the server.)
    • However in the lead up before Christmas Event 2020 AutoMod disappeared from Ring 1. It is removed because ObrenTune (the creator of AutoMod) wanted it to be removed from the game.

  • Previously, if you went on top of a potted plant, then jumped onto the "Welcome to the Towers of Hell!" sign, you could walk into a secret room through a non-collision wall.

  • On 6/7/2020, a major secret was added to Ring 1. Upon completing everything the secret has you do, you are able to replay past events. Click here for more details.

NewHPBar Secret
  • Before this you need to do the Elevator Secret first
  • First, Enter the elevator and go down to floor 0 (Where the Re-playable Events are)
  • Next, go to the elevator again but instead of going to the surface, press 1 and immediately spam the 0 button, after that you just clipped inside the lobby Island
  • Then, Corner clip your way to the Thanksgiving 2019 Portal and upon seeing a 1 stud wide gap, enter it.
  • Fact: You can access this area when Flat Clipping through the white and black walls in the Ring 1 Tower Rush room.
  • NOTE: you can no longer use the elevator secret in that server until you rejoin.

after shimming down the bottom, you have reached the secret and a sign saying "No, really, You're not supposed to be here".

The NewHPbar Secret under the Lobby Island.

Suffer Text
  • If you use Vertical Mobility on a specific roof, a red text saying SUFFER will appear.

The SUFFER Text found in the elevator room.

There is a new yellow obby below the viewing area in Ring 1. Complete the obby to arrive at a trolley station, where you click a button to make the trolley move. When it does, you will be teleported to Forgotten Ridge.

Secret Text
If you jump over the portal of the Ring 1 Tower Rush, you will go to a room that says, "you found the secret." Nobody know why this was added, but it may have contributed to the Ring 1 Tower Rush's portal being broken

If you spawn approximationelly between 8/7/2021 and 8/8/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY), there will be a podium at the right of the towers section. This represents 'Myfart8101 being the first person to beat the game's current hardest tower, Tower of Cruel Punishment, on the 8th of July. This is because, if you look up in the discord server, the podium would last for about a month.


Beginner Towers:

Intermediate Towers:

Advanced Towers:

Psychologically Unsafe Towers:

Soul Crushing Tower:

Mini Tower:


Tower Rushes:

Moved Towers:

Removed Towers:

Monthly Challenge Towers:

April Fools 2020:

Re-playable Events:


Location Music
Regular Lobby Music Wii Shop Channel*
*The original was pitched down a little not too long before the change to JToH, however, it was pitched up to its original pitch again around the time that Emblem Zone1.png Zone 1 was added.
Halloween Lobby Music (2018, 2019, and 2020) Banjo-Kazooie - Gruntilda's Lair
Floor 0 and Tower of Anger Tower Rush In Hindsight (d)
Christmas Lobby Music (2018, 2019, and 2020) Banjo Kazooie - Freezeezy Peak
Cat Therapy Area Relax (0.95 pitch)
Winners Room Deemo - Yawning Lion
Sans Head Undertale - Megalovania (WARNING EXTREMELY LOUD)
ToIE Secret 010 - Goodnight - (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky)
Blizzard Lobby Banjo-Tooie - Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side) (starts at 0:26)
Secret Staff Team Room Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team - Run Away, Fugitives
Tower Rush room The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth - Forgotten Lullaby
Trolley to the Forgotten Ridge Hollow Knight - Reflection
Ticket Shop Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Shop


Sun by Zetuma


Back Right Front Left

Note: The Up image had been turned 90° to the right for a better angle.



  • Ring 1 lost everything twice according to the group wall. The later one happened on the 20th of July.
  • Along with Emblem Zone1.png Zone 1, this is one of the two realm to be accessed from the beginning, because of that, every time Roblox DataStores go down, they are the only areas to be accessed when they are down (not including Sub-realms).
  • During the Halloween Event 2020, Not Even A Tower had a costume of a witch in this Ring, even in the Ring Select.
  • There were a lot of towers that used to be here, but they were moved such as the Tower of Broken Bricks or the Tower of Confusion.
  • This ring has had the most sub-realms, at 8, including events. This number will change as more events happen.
  • This ring previously had the most amount of towers in The Great Inferno (assuming you count Mini Towers),though it was eventually dethroned by Emblem Ring9.png Ring 9
  • Nearly all of the towers in this Ring are made by ObrenTune.
  • This was the only Ring with more than 1 Tower Rush, due to the Tower of Anger Tower Rush, however, it has since been removed.
  • This Ring has the most appearances in other Rings and sub-realms. One in Emblem Ring2.png Ring 2 and another one in the Emblem ForgottenRidge.png Forgotten Ridge.


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