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Remorseless, originally known as Eggplant and Impossible, is a difficulty in JToH that is represented with the color pink or purple. This difficulty level is the hardest difficulty level until a series of "soul-crushing" difficulties. These are very difficult towers that require masterful skill because most of the obstacles here are very exigent.

Obstacles in towers of this difficulty are more harder forms of those in ChallengingIconModified.png Challenging and IntenseIcon.png Intense and overall take a lot of skill to be able to do. Few people can beat these towers legitimately, and require more skill than IntenseIcon.png Intense towers.

In this difficulty level, you can see jumps such as 8-10 stud wraparounds and 11-12 stud long jumps, with a high risk of falling down the tower. Towers in this difficulty can offer a strenuous challenge for good obby players.

There are currently 29 towers, 7 citadels and 1 steeple, confirmed for the game assigned to this difficulty rating. You can try/practice all these towers and citadels here. You can also go and practice specific obstacles like long jumps, wraparounds, etc.

ToFaF, ToIE, CoLS, ToHF, ToNP, ToSM, ToSO, ToBT, ToEH and ToTCA used to be classified as Remorseless, but the first tower was moved toIntenseIcon.png Intense, then ChallengingIconModified.png Challenging. The next four were moved to IntenseIcon.png Intense, while the last five were moved to soul-crushing difficulties.

These towers can only be beaten by extremely skilled players (hence ToTS's badge), which is why only a few can actually beat these towers. Consider it an achievement if you beat one of these.

The color of this difficulty was originally purple, but when the difficulty chart colors changed to neon, it changed to pink. It was soon darkened to look like purple again.

Note the fact that Remorseless will become a more common difficulty (meaning more towers of the difficulty) as you progress through the rings, this is because towers will get harder.

This is also the final difficulty before you go to the soul crushing towers which are significantly harder than towers of this difficulty.

Towers in this Difficulty (Organized by Realm)


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