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One interesting flower... Huh? When was this here?
— Badge description

Possibly A Tower (PAT) is an ascension-based, wacky frame EasyIcon.png Easy difficulty Mini Tower located in Paradise Atoll made by burgchin.

This Mini Tower should be completed after other easier Mini Towers, such as Not Even A Tower and Maybe A Tower. You may want to complete the Steeple of Mystical Marine as well, if you find PAT more difficult than that.


When you spawn in, take a raft and go right. Circle around the main island until you find a massive waterfall. From here, you will have to climb the rocks and reach the top of the waterfall. Once you can see PAT itself, stop climbing. Go to the waterfall, and Possibly A Tower's portal will be there.

A visual guide made by Ademiere is given here.


Possibly A Tower Soundtrack
Floor Music File
Floors 1-5 Jack Stauber - Dead Weight (Earthbound/Chiptune Cover)


  • This is the first and currently the only Mini Tower in the Spatial System.
  • This is the first Mini Tower to have a wacky frame.
  • Despite being an Easy difficulty Mini Tower, there are optional paths that are extremely difficult. One of them requires you to do a wallwalk below instakills, and another requires you to do a 4 stud stickout over instakills.
  • The win message for this tower displays as 'PAT', not 'Possibly A Tower'.
  • Beating this Mini Tower will give you the “One Interesting Flower” badge as it is situated in a flower.
  • Despite being Easy, the portal still shows it as Medium. (Subject to change)


Continuing from this point

From this point, you may want to try some Medium towers. You can go back to Zone 1 and try Tower of Atlantic Depths there. You can also go to Ring 1 and try Tower of Madness if you haven't. If you want to stay in Paradise Atoll, you'll have to jump to HardIcon.png Hard difficulty steeples.

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Towers in Normal Worlds
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Arranged by Ring (The Great Inferno)
Emblem Ring1.png Ring 1

EasyIcon.png Tower of Annoyingly Simple Trials, EasyIcon.png Tower of Anger, EasyIcon.png Not Even A Tower, MediumIcon.png Tower of Madness, HardIcon.png Tower of Hecc, HardIcon.png Tower of Killjoys, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Keyboard Yeeting, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Stress, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Screen Punching, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Rage, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Impossible Expectations, IntenseIcon.png Citadel of Laptop Splitting, Remorseless2.png Tower of True Skill, ThanosIcon.png|InsaneIcon.png Thanos Tower, Rainbow.gif Tower of Anger Tower Rush, Rainbow.gif Ring 1 Tower Rush

Emblem Ring2.png Ring 2

EasyIcon.png Maybe A Tower, HardIcon.png Tower of Overcoming Hatred, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Cold Hands, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Traps, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Falling and Failing, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Deep Darkness, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Shattered Dreams, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Table Flipping, Remorseless2.png Tower of Eternal Suffering, Remorseless2.png Citadel of Wacky Strategy, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Difficulty Chart, Rainbow.gif Ring 2 Tower Rush

Emblem Ring3.png Ring 3

EasyIcon.png Tower of Funny Thoughts, MediumIcon.png Tower of Inverted Colours, MediumIcon.png Tower of Ancient Trickery, MediumIcon.png Tower of Deep Sighing, HardIcon.png Tower of Fatness, HardIcon.png Tower of Winning Every Run, HardIcon.png Tower of Slight Inconvenience, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Wall Hugging, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Lotsa Damage, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Despair, IntenseIcon.png Citadel of Heights and Depths, IntenseIcon.png Totally A Tower, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Confusion, Rainbow.gif Ring 3 Tower Rush

Emblem Ring4.png Ring 4

EasyIcon.png Tower of Spiralling Heights, MediumIcon.png Tower of Getting Gnomed, HardIcon.png Tower of Linonophobia, HardIcon.png Tower of Elysium, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Terrible Mondays, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Leaning Ledges, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Dust and Decay, ChallengingIconModified.png Will Be A Tower, IntenseIcon.png Citadel of Uneasiness, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Holy Flip, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Nonsensical Platforms, Remorseless2.png Tower of Corrupted Nightmares, TerrifyingIcon.png Tower of Inception, Rainbow.gif Ring 4 Tower Rush

Emblem Ring5.png Ring 5

MediumIcon.png Tower of Nice Views, HardIcon.png Tower of Getting Kinda Disappointed, HardIcon.png Tower of Rigid Success, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Downward Mobility, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Obvious Chaos, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Floral Fury, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Tokyo Heights, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Extraordinary Adventures, Remorseless2.png Tower of Fractured Obstacles, Remorseless2.png Citadel of Contrasting Regions, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Glitching and Healing, TerrifyingIcon.png Tower of Frightening Nightmares, Rainbow.gif Ring 5 Tower Rush

Emblem Ring6.png Ring 6

HardIcon.png Tower of Friendly Jumps, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Environmental Pain, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Radiant Realms, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Twisted Inquisition, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Inner and Outer Scaling, IntenseIcon.png Tower of A Depressing Future, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Intense Solar Chaos, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Dispersed Rooms, Remorseless2.png Tower of Niflheim, Remorseless2.png Citadel of Scythe Recognition, ExtremeIcon.png Tower of Strategic Mechanics, TerrifyingIcon.png Tower of Impossible Movement, Rainbow.gif Ring 6 Tower Rush

Emblem Ring7.png Ring 7

DifficultIcon.png Tower of Rushed Building, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Feeling Lazy, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Collective Collaboration, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Distorted Aerodynamics, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Orientating Oscillating Opinions, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Never Giving Up, Ever, Remorseless2.png Tower of Never Ending Dizziness, Remorseless2.png Tower of Ultraviolet, Remorseless2.png Tower of Yearning Victory, Remorseless2.png Citadel of True Exasperation, Remorseless2.png Tower of Extreme Hell, ExtremeIcon.png Tower of Terrifying Beauty, CatastrophicIcon.png Tower of Elongated Runs, Rainbow.gif Ring 7 Tower Rush

Emblem Ring8.png Ring 8

MediumIcon.png Tower of Somewhat Simple Scaling, HardIcon.png Tower of Needing Basic Aptitude, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Vibrant Adventures, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Insult To Injury, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Aamos’ Anger, IntenseIcon.png Citadel of Constant Heart Stopping, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Uneasy Scaling, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Insanely Innovative Ideas, Remorseless2.png Tower of Mean Tasks, Remorseless2.png Tower of Verdant Entropy, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Suffering Outside, ExtremeIcon.png Tower of Externalizing Insanity, CatastrophicIcon.png Tower of Generation Failure, Rainbow.gif Ring 8 Tower Rush

Emblem Ring9.png Ring 9

IntenseIcon.png Tower of Great Overcomings, Remorseless2.png Tower of Questionable Trials, Remorseless2.png Tower of Beat Block Berserk, Remorseless2.png Citadel of Lethargy, Remorseless2.png Tower of Pastel Pillars, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Bent Trauma, InsaneIcon.png Tower of High Adrenaline, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Curved Ascent, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Frightening and Confusing Trials, ExtremeIcon.png Tower of Bloodthirsty Kenos, TerrifyingIcon.png Tower of Nervous Sweating, CatastrophicIcon.png Tower of Augmented Misery, CatastrophicIcon.png Tower of Champion's Road, CatastrophicIcon.png Tower of Cruel Punishment, Rainbow.gif Ring 9 Tower Rush

Emblem Unknown.png The Final Stretch/???

IntenseIcon.png The Final Stretch

Arranged by Zone (Spatial System / Jupiter's Realm)
Emblem Zone1.png Zone 1

EasyIcon.png Tower of Another Beginning, EasyIcon.png Tower of Peaceful Happiness and Tranquility, MediumIcon.png Tower of Atlantic Depths, HardIcon.png Tower of Hands Sweating, HardIcon.png Tower of Peace, HardIcon.png Tower of Mirrored Hecc, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Contractual Obligations, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Yearning Success, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Wanting Extra Levels, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Absolute Vexation, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Ultimately Terrifying, Remorseless2.png Tower of Extreme Dystopia, Remorseless2.png Tower of Really Nasty Ideas, Remorseless2.png Citadel of Peril, Remorseless2.png Tower of Zespluz, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Thinning Layers, Rainbow.gif Zone 1 Tower Rush

Emblem Zone2.png Zone 2

MediumIcon.png Tower of Buttons, MediumIcon.png Tower of Slanted Anticipation, HardIcon.png Tower of Ground Level Ascension, HardIcon.png Tower of Troublesome Adventures, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Unearthed Discoveries, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Dreams and Caverns, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Slipping and Sliding, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Pleasant Fantasies, IntenseIcon.png Citadel of Green Stuff, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Extraterrestrial Enchantment, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Triangular Terror, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Arcanium Zenturing, Remorseless2.png Tower of Oblivion, Remorseless2.png Tower of Great Displeasure, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Double Trouble, Rainbow.gif Zone 2 Tower Rush

Emblem Zone3.png Zone 3

EasyIcon.png Tower of Six Feet Under, EasyIcon.png Tower of Overestimating Difficulty, MediumIcon.png Tower of Broken Bricks, MediumIcon.png Tower of Client Object Frenzy, HardIcon.png Tower of Cracked, Crushed Cubes, HardIcon.png Tower of Xanthophobia, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Mild Agitation, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Dimensional Hopping, DifficultIcon.png Citadel of Tricky Situations, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Cogs and Steam, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Requiring Critical Help, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Infuriating Obstacles, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Menacing Creations, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Quirky Contraptions, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Cruel and Unusual Punishment, ExtremeIcon.png Tower of Hopeless Hell, Rainbow.gif Zone 3 Tower Rush

Emblem Zone4.png Zone 4

EasyIcon.png Tower of Fairly Simple Challenges, MediumIcon.png Tower of Aquatic Contemplation, HardIcon.png Tower of Fun and Simple Trials, HardIcon.png Tower of Up Is Down, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Wicked Wedges, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Elevator Traveling, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Pure Chroma, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Mechanically Induced Mayhem, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Funky Grooves, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Shifting Slopes, Remorseless2.png Tower of Dance Dance Destruction, Remorseless2.png Tower of Tornado Vehemence, Remorseless2.png Citadel of Quadrilaterals, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Inevitable Failure, ExtremeIcon.png Tower of Astronomically Aimless Annoyances, Rainbow.gif Zone 4 Tower Rush

Emblem Zone5.png Zone 5

MediumIcon.png Tower of Sovereign Traveling, HardIcon.png Tower of Super Stupid Security Systems, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Bright Serenity, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Fractal Volution, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Stairs To Spare, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Unhealthy Escalation, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Guided Trials, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Anticlimactic Outcomes, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Heiwana Kaze, IntenseIcon.png Citadel of Corporate Enterprise, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Horrifying Experiences, Remorseless2.png Tower of Brutal and Bizarre Torment, Remorseless2.png Tower of Zany Architecture, InsaneIcon.png Tower of Polychromatic Zero, TerrifyingIcon.png Tower of Alien Radiance

Emblem Unknown.png Zone 6 No Towers or Citadels confirmed in Zone 6 yet.
Emblem Unknown.png Zone 7 No Towers or Citadels confirmed in Zone 7 yet.
Emblem Unknown.png Zone 8 No Towers or Citadels confirmed in Zone 8 yet.
Emblem Unknown.png Zone 9 No Towers or Citadels confirmed in Zone 9 yet.
Emblem Unknown.png Zone 10

Remorseless2.png Obelisk of Noob Vengeance

Subrealm / Event Towers
Main Pages Steeple, Tower, Citadel, Obelisk, Mini Tower
Subrealm Towers in Spatial System / The Great Inferno
Emblem ForgottenRidge.png Forgotten Ridge

EasyIcon.png Steeple of Meaningless Decisions, EasyIcon.png Tower of Jolly Good Fun, MediumIcon.png Steeple of Fading Memories, MediumIcon.png Steeple of Pursuit, HardIcon.png Steeple of Low Woe, HardIcon.png Steeple of Uninstalling Roblox, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Versatility, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Wall Punching, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Immense Ire, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Triangular Covering, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Climbing, IntenseIcon.png Steeple of Huge Pain, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Increasing Stress, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Dangerous Expeditions, IntenseIcon.png Citadel of Weird Nostalgia, Remorseless2.png Steeple of Towering Pillars, Rainbow.gif Forgotten Ridge Tower Rush

Emblem Unknown.png Mount Rad

No towers or steeples are confirmed for Mount Rad yet.

Emblem Unknown.png Garden of Eeshöl

No towers or steeples are confirmed for Garden of Eeshöl yet.

Emblem EventRealm.png Event Realm

QuestionMark.png Obviously Not A Tower

Emblem ParadiseAtoll.png Paradise Atoll

EasyIcon.png Possibly A Tower, EasyIcon.png Steeple of Mystical Marine, HardIcon.png Steeple of Abyssal Upturn, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Sunny Island Shenanigans, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Aquatic Rallies, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Hallucinatory Spectacles, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Desolate Isles, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Cyclonic Isles, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Cliffside Falls, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Upright Cliffs, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Traversing The Tropics, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Underlying Breezes, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Dusty Dunes, Rainbow.gif Paradise Atoll Tower Rush

Emblem ArcaneArea.png Arcane Area

QuestionMark.png Steeple of Obtaining Knowledge, MediumIcon.png Steeple of Biome Traversing, MediumIcon.png Steeple of Astounding Sorcery, HardIcon.png Steeple of Atmospheric Powers, HardIcon.png Steeple of Realm Odyssey, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Twisted Crystals, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Magical Elements, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Crystal Ascension, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Witch Calamity, IntenseIcon.png Steeple of Magical Collaborations, IntenseIcon.png Tower of Icy Adventures, Rainbow.gif Arcane Area Steeple Rush

Event Subrealm Towers
PumpkinIcon.png Heccfire Depths

QuestionMark.png Steeple of Button Venturing, QuestionMark.png Steeple of Rising Molten Rocks, QuestionMark.png Steeple of Retina Pain

SnowflakeIcon.png T H I R S T Z O N E

QuestionMark.png Steeple of Amazing Gifts, QuestionMark.png Steeple of Frantic Terrificness, QuestionMark.png Steeple of Christmas Chaos

FlowerIcon.png Beggmuda Triangle

MediumIcon.png Steeple of Spring Jubilation, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Chaotic Hunting, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Egg Searches

PumpkinIcon.png Abyssal Badlands

DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Tricks and Treats, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Haunted Traversing, IntenseIcon.png Steeple of Midnight Terrors

Emblem Unknown.png Thanksgiving Event 2019

ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Autumn Harvest

SnowflakeIcon.png Snowy Cabin

MediumIcon.png Steeple of Evergreen Ascension, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Festive Factory Infiltration, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Joyous Voyages, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Nightmare Before Christmas

JesterIcon.png April Fools 2020

EpicModified.png tower pf Fuin jumps, EpicModified.png tower pf Orignl Towrs, EpicModified.png tower pf Epc Climbingg

PumpkinIcon.png Forsaken Manor

MediumIcon.png Steeple of Realm Crossing, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Midnight Fortress, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Pumpkin Panic, IntenseIcon.png Steeple of Cosmic Terror, Remorseless2.png Citadel of Horrifying Phobias

SnowflakeIcon.png Frosted Kingdom

HardIcon.png Steeple of Scrumptious Travels, DifficultIcon.png Steeple of Winter Expeditions, DifficultIcon.png Tower of Hot Chocolate Fury, ChallengingIconModified.png Steeple of Wrapped Suffering

JesterIcon.png April Fools 2021

MediumIcon.png Tower of Yo Mama, MediumIcon.png Mini-Steeple of Gamer Moments, ChallengingIconModified.png Tower of Round Platforms, IntenseIcon.png Tower of U A, Remorseless2.png Tower of Hella Gimmicks, InsaneIcon.png Baldi Tower, TerrifyingIcon.png Tower of Da Baby

Removed / Deconfirmed Towers