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Welcome to the Juke's Towers of Hell Wiki!

Welcome to the Juke's Towers of Hell Wiki! This is where you can find information about the Towers and all of the other game features that are in JToH. As there may be some information on the wiki that is not fully accurate and unfinished pages, a little help would be appreciated.

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About Juke's Towers of Hell

Juke’s Towers of Hell (formerly Jupiter's Towers of Hell) is a Roblox obby game currently owned by Jukereise. In it, you climb obbies (known as towers in this game) that range in difficulty from laughably easy to insanely hard in order to progress through the games many worlds.

The Ring Select is used to travel to these worlds (currently there is only two worlds, The Great Inferno and Spatial System) and easily access the Towers within. The towers get progressively more hard as you progress in these worlds, so it is recommended that you have some prior skill in obbies before attempting JToH.

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Game Updates

ToPF recieves a nerf! (July 13)

It now sits at Mid-High Challenging!

Read more >

The Ring 3 lobby recieves an update! (July 7)

Along with that, audio has also been recovered.

Read more >

July's monthly challenges are here! (July 3)

More challenges await you...

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Game News

ToFM confirmed for Zone 7!

The second soul-crushing tower has been confirmed!

Read more >

The Tower of Bygone Relic is confirmed for Zone 7!

This marks all of the intermediate tower slots as filled.

Read more >

The Tower of Destructive Fever has been confirmed for Zone 7

The difficulty is Peak Difficult.

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The Tower of Uncanny Agony, has been confirmed for Zone 7!

The first soul-crushing tower for Zone 7 has been confirmed

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RishanReal RishanReal 1 day ago

jtoh staff

' are the current or former staff for the game.

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Fearlesspurpleguy Fearlesspurpleguy 2 days ago

My version of blend's star system

Blend's Star System is a World in JToH.

  1. System 1: New Star
  2. System 2: The Sun
  3. System 3: Outer Solar System Asteroids
  4. System 4: Proxima Centauri B
  5. System 5: Binary Stars
  6. System 6: Edge of Alpha Centauri
  7. System 7: Betalgeuse
  8. System 8: Kepler-186F
  9. System 9: Unkno…

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Maddilan6 Maddilan6 6 days ago

Balls Tower of Snake Eaters

Balls Tower of Snake Eaters (or BToSE for short) is a OoSE Difficulty ascension-based Balls Tower that is made by TooHard_X located in Zone 6's subrealm, The TooHard Zone.

The route progression of this Balls Tower is to climb up a ladder for 10000000000…

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Pandarafa Pandarafa 7 days ago

Speedrun Tower Page Setup

Ring 4|difficulty= High-Peak Challenging|date_added=July 4, 2022|image1=NoImageAvailable.jpeg|creator(s)=EVILASHPRIME|previous_difficulty= Difficult|date_removed=}}The Tower of Is Steeple Crossing Required? (or ToISCR for short) is a temporary Challen…

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Quackyman Quackyman 7 days ago


woah look at him

what will you buy??

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An example of one of the many Towers in JToH.

Want to submit a tower to the game? Click here for some help.


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