The Halloween Event 2020 was the 3rd annual Halloween event in Juke's Towers of Hell. It started on October 31st, 2020, and ended on December 1st, 2020.

The event's entrance was located in the Pit of Die in Ring 1, where the Forsaken Manor portal was.

Located within Forsaken Manor, the subrealm of the event, there were 4 Steeples and 1 Citadel; 3 of these Steeples required completion to access the boss battle. Completing any of the Steeples would've unlocked one of the three keys to the door that led to the boss battle.

There was one boss that had three phases, called the Headless Horseman (Phase one) or the Aradiant Guardian. (Phases two and three) People have speculated that there have been two bosses in this event, however, this is a misunderstanding caused by how the boss functions.

Upon defeating the boss, players were granted access to the Steeple of Cosmic Terror and Citadel of Horrifying Phobias, both of which were optional to attempt. On December 5th, 2020, 2 items were distributed to players that have beaten the boss battle. Additional items were also given to players for completing the Steeple of Cosmic Terror and Citadel of Horrifying Phobias. The items are Mystery Potion and Basket of Treats for beating the boss, Cursed Coil for beating SoCT, and the Fragmented Helmet for beating CoHP.


Forsaken Manor
Place Music
Forsaken Manor Entrance Portal: In Hindsight (d)
Forsaken Manor Lobby Music: Luigi’s Mansion 3 - Main Theme
SoCT Room: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Old Chateau
Forsaken Manor Lobby after the release of CoHP: Eversion - Stage X8
CoHP's Portal Room: Place In The World Fades Away (Slowed Down)
Cemetery of the Accursed (boss)
Phase 0 Michael Wyckoff - Opera De Ossium ft. Tim Na & Hadrian McQuaig (Boneworks OST)
Phase 1 (Headless Horseman) The Grimm Troupe (Hollow Knight: The Grimm Troupe)
Phase 2 (Aradiant Guardian) Nightmare King (Hollow Knight: The Grimm Troupe)
Cherished Manor
Jon Brooks - Seventh Heaven


Forsaken Manor

The Forsaken Manor is the Halloween Event 2020 subrealm. There are 4 Steeples and 1 Citadel in this subrealm. You used to be able to access this in Ring 1 via the Pit of Die (or the Pit of Spookiness as it was called during the event) outside.




Note: CoHP is only accessible after beating the boss, same for SoCT.


The Aradiant Guardian is the Halloween Event 2020 boss. The Headless Horseman is the same entity as her, with the Aradiant Guardian being her true form. She is forced to protect the crypt from intruders. The boss has 2750 HP, with an additional 750 HP added for every other player. If you die in the arena, you will be sent to a jail cell at the back of the arena. You will be sent free once the remaining survivor(s) deal enough damage to the boss.

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Event Updates


  • This Event used to have a portal to it on Floor 0. This has now been replaced with a sign stating that “the real portal is the friends we made along the way”.
  • A badge for the Halloween Boss was updated on the 25th of October. It was updated to have the title "Spooky Potassium Slayer" and description "Defeat the Halloween 2020 Boss: 'Congrats, this is why you shouldn't eat fruits.'" On October 30th it got changed to "A Grave Mistake" Where the description reads "Defeat the Halloween 2020 Boss: "Do you realize what you've just done?"
  • Because of the old description, some people speculated that the boss may have been Vendetta Banana, which is a meme in the JToH discord server.
    • The name of it comes from a helper in the server named vendetta06 and he happens to have a Snatcher profile picture.
  • There are hidden phrases in the event teasers. When put together, they say "Don't go into the cemetery. When you enter into the cemetery you may never leave." There is also a hidden string of letters that say "HH/AG". These are the initials of the boss, Headless Horseman/Aradiant Guardian
  • On October 31, 2020, the Ring Select was updated and a mansion and 2 steeples appeared behind Ring 1. The mansion was revealed to be Forsaken Manor, and the steeples were revealed to be Steeple of Midnight Fortress and Steeple of Pumpkin Panic.
  • This event was originally going to have a citadel when it was going to release, but due to time constraints, the citadel was delayed.
  • The boss has the most amount of health out of all bosses in the game, with a whopping 65,000 health on the 2nd phase if 6 people are fighting it and over 90k with 9 people.
  • Inside the basement once again, the sign that said "The portal is the friends we made along the way" was deleted and replaced with Forsaken Manor 2, and a sign in front saying "The portal broke :("
    • Because of that, many people speculated that there might be a part 2 of the event.
      • However, it will almost certainly not be a second part, but instead, the actual event will be re-playable, just like the other events within the elevator.
  • During the first day of the event, the game peaked at 2,102 concurrent players, which the usual range of concurrent players is between 200 and 800.
  • Upon closer inspection, all the pieces of candy on the front porch are all hazardous.
    • After beating the boss though, the hazardous candy is removed. (Now you won't get poisoned :) )
  • As of 5/11, CoHP is finished and now is being fixed.
    • As of 11/14, it is now released.
  • There is a secret room with a locked door when you unlock the boss. Either you can laugh clip through or you can find a tiny question mark on the top of the roof, and then go in. The secret room consists of the three main steeples as miniature objects, with a giant ball in the middle. Touching the ball will result in the ball vanishing, and a sign appearing saying different randomized messages.
  • On the day that CoHP was added, the lobby became much darker. The note at the front door and the candy were removed, and replaced with a new note saying "HIDE. PLEASE. GET INSIDE BEFORE HE SEES YOU." with more written in smaller text saying "The protector of the crypt is gone. He's back.". The music was also changed.
  • Many people consider this to be the hardest Event JToH has ever had, and many people criticized the developers for the difficulty of the event, despite you getting one extra item for beating marginally harder content compared to last year's Halloween event, and one more item for beating a hard citadel.
  • This event has the most towers out of any other events, at 5 total.
  • Due to time constraints, the steeples were never reviewed, even though they usually do get reviewed.
  • According to Gamma, the steeple builders had a lot of time to build the steeples, however most didn't start building till just 2-3 weeks left till Halloween.
  • This event had the widest difficulty range of a Non-Joke event, being from Medium to Remorseless.
  • This event has the hardest event tower, being Citadel of Horrifying Phobias, at Remorseless difficulty.
  • There was originally going to be a different boss instead of the Aradiant Guardian, known as Empress of Fright. Not much is known about the EoF.




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